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Our Investments

Our Investments

CS Acquisition Group has acquired, managed, and/or developed thousands of multi-family units in multiple specific markets, with an ever-broadening portfolio. Our highly trained on-site staff maintain utmost standards.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

To continue building on our success as a multi-family acquisition group and work with like-minded capital funds and institutional investors to grow our portfolio exponentially.



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Our Team

Our Team

Founded by Alan Tress and Chesky Landau in 2004, combining more than 20 years’ experience in the multi-family real estate market. The CS Acquisition Group team is composed of unparalleled property managers and industry leaders.

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CS Acquisition Group is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm specializing in property, asset, and project management of multi-family properties.

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Financial Partners

Our record of success has fostered long-term partnerships with many institutional investors and a wide network of financing entities. Our experience in working with capital funds is a cornerstone of our success and we continuously work to widen our network of trust.

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